Gum Recession Is Reversible, Find Out How!

If you have seen your gums started to recede, You probably are suffering from some periodontal disease. It this scenario, the first question that arises in your mind must be, Can gum recession be reversed?

So the answer is, of course, YES!

However, you need to know the cause of this disease, to get a proper treatment that is suitable for you.

Identify eight signs that need call to action:-

  1. Gum bleeding
  2. Puffy gums
  3. Foul breath
  4. wobbly teeth
  5. Problem in Fitting Dentures
  6. Deformed Teeth
  7. Painful and sensitive teeth
  8. Recession in gum line (receding gums)


Why Gum Disease Should Not be Ignored?

You need to pay a proper attention if you see any of the above-given signs.

Gum disease is always linked with the overall health of the body. Gum disease itself is a sign that your body is suffering from any severe illness. Gum disease is linked with following life-threatening situations:-

  • Heart problems,
  • Diabetic complications,
  • Underweight or prematurely born babies,
  • Digestive disorders

Some other factors causing periodontal gum disease

  • Pregnancy gingivitis
  • Use of tobacco
  • Malnutrition
  • Weak immune system
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Inappropriate dental hygiene
  • Use of drugs

Most Common Cause of Periodontal Gum Disease

Gum disease is always caused by in ceasing growth of bacteria inside the mouth within the gum line.



This natural growth of bacteria causes bad breath as well as a plaque. Overlooked plaque formation on the teeth results in tartar. Bacteria live on the food particles which are not cleaned properly. Bacteria emit toxins which damage gum tissues and teeth bone. If this production of bacteria is not stopped in time, it can eventually cause tooth decay and gum recession.

Gum Recession Is Reversible?

Yes, it is! If you control bacterial formation inside your mouth through the simple hygiene routine on a daily basis, you can easily get rid of this issue.

Once bacteria are out, your body naturally supply new cells that improve the health your gum line saving it from getting receded. Remove the plaque and tartar formed on your teeth.

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Nature’s Smile: The Natural Way To Cure Gum Recession

Do not make the problem worse by using oral products which are chemical containing and hazardous to your teeth. Oral products like sharp and irritating not only for your teeth but also for the tissues in your mouth. These products aggravate the disease because they contain cancer-causing chemicals. Moreover, these products do not have a long lasting effect on the bacteria.

For many years, it has been seen that in many cultures, people still believe in the use of natural oils as a periodontal or gum disease treatment.

The combination of seven herbal oils of spearmint, peppermint, and almond along with many other herbs make a formula of Nature’s Smile Gum balm that can help you fight against the primary cause, BACTERIA.



These oils, in NS gum balm, absorb within the gum line and all parts of your mouth giving you a refreshing breath as well as control on the bacterial formation.

It also softens the hard tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth, which can easily be removed through simple brushing. NS Gum Balm also has the potential to stay in contact with the affected area for hours. It provides the opportunity for the tissues to recover and replenish. Once you get rid of bacteria, you will feel that you have no more inflammation and foul breath issue as well. Also, there will be no more gum recession that will embarrass you.

All you need to do is order Nature’s Smile Gum Balm from and enjoy your lovely smile.


Are My Receding Gums an Indicator to Periodontal Disease?

Receding gums also known as gingival recession, is about the loss of gum tissue, potentially exposing the roots of one’s teeth. As assumed there is no age for receding gums to show up. People in their 40s as well as teenagers can suffer from it. It is one of the main indicators of periodontal disease known as periodontitis, gingivitis, or gum disease.

In order effectively end periodontal disease and reverse receding gums, the patient must first identify the root cause of a receding gum line.

Many amongst those who suffer as well as those who treat receding gums address the symptoms without dealing with the main cause. Majority of mouth problems starting from periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, to pyorrhea are from the same root cause … 22 commonly known toxin-producing bacteria. And there is no better way to deal with receding gums and restore receding gum line other than creating an environment in which bacteria toxins do not get a chance to grow and multiply, and an environment that will allow patient’s body to replenish gum tissue at a faster pace than when it is eaten away by harmful toxins…

Some of the symptoms could include teeth suddenly becoming sensitive to hot, cold, sweet, sour, tangy and spicy tastes. This happens due to the reason that the dentin tubules might be exposed to external stimuli. Another symptom could be that the teeth may be looking longer than normal, roots of the teeth may be visible more prominently, tooth may feel notched at the gum line, teeth may suffer discoloration due to the difference between the color of the enamel and cementum, spaces may start to show between teeth due to the gums not being there anymore, and the patient may notice cavities below gum line.

If receding gums are caused by gingivitis, you may also have the symptoms that could include swollen/inflamed, red, or puffy gums, gum bleeding while brushing or flossing, and even bad breath

We will also discuss some of the health problems which have been reported to be caused by receding gums problem. A study performed on stroke victims indicated that advanced gum disease could be the possible cause that could increase the risk of stroke by over 50% in adults aged 25-54. There have also been studies that have shown that there is a link between gum disease and heart disease. There are reports that indicate that a pregnant woman with gum disease in advanced stage is seven times more likely to have a premature baby than a woman with healthy gums. Scientists have found that the infection releases toxins which reaches the placenta and comes in the way of fetal development. The oral infection may lead to accelerated production of hormones which may trigger premature delivery.

So keeping so many other related complications in mind it is better to address receding gums problem at an early stage and should never be taken lightly. A have seen through this article that receding gums are not just an Indicators to periodontal disease, but many other more dangerous ones too.

Receding Gums Home Remedy

Let us look at some of the natural cures for dealing with receding gums. We will discuss home remedies for receding gumline and things that we can do at home to deal with it as early as possible.

Let us look at the root cause first. What causes it. Receding gums indicates a deficiency in the body’s absorption of vitamin C. Individuals who have lower intakes of vitamin C in their foods are more likely to develop gum related disorders and have greater chances of contracting periodontal disease as compared to those who take enough of Vitamin C every day. Vitamin C is known to assist in the recovery of people who suffer from gum disease. Vitamin C is a known and powerful antioxidant and is one of the repairing blocks needed by the body to address issues with regard to connective tissue.

In food, Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are known to be full of Vitamin C. Besides including this food in your ever day intake, Vitamin C can also be taken in supplement form, however one should be careful as regard to the type and amount. Take care not to consume the chewable variety as it may lead to tooth erosion in long run.

Also be careful that you get rid of the food stuck between your teeth or below your gums after meals. These are the main culprits in causing tooth decay and subsequent gum problems. Dental problems have also been related to stress in daily life and lack of sleep. When people do not follow a strict sleeping pattern, such lack of sleep results in lack of resistance and lowered immunity.

The most common causes that are discussed every time there is a discussion about receding gums is the presence of toxin-producing bacteria in the body. The bacteria are responsible for infecting the bone surrounding the gum, which in turn results in receding of gums. And to top it all, improper brushing using commercial products adds to the problem. So next time make sure to choose a soft toothbrush to avoid enamel abrasion and gum recession. IF I am not asking for too much, try to steer clear of smoking, chewing hard candies or tobacco, and oral piercing. These are also known to cause the problem of receding gums.

It is important for the patient to first determine the root cause and then start any treatment. If not treated on time, it can lead to major oral health issues.

Bergamot oil and Clove oil are used as a remedy for toothaches and sore gums. Oregano and oregano oil is another widely used ingredient in natural dental health care. Oregano contains antiseptic properties that benefit sore gums. Grapefruit is also believed to be good for the health of gums. Patient can also sip on some peppermint tea to treat sore gums. While use of Oregano is more popular in Europe, peppermint is more popular in China.

Receding Gums – Things You Need To Know

If you have recently visited the dentist and he said you have a receding gums, it’s too late to start worrying and too early to get all wrecked up about it and give up. The dentist must sure have educated you on how to brush lighter and in circles. And you do understand that this will stop the gums from receding but will it repair the damage that you have already done.

If your gums are receding… it is called periodontitis. It’s a disease of the gums. The gums recede due to accumulation of plaque in the gum line. Periodontitis has several stages, namely early, moderate and advance. If you’re on the early stage maybe scaling can still help. You may need to have regular cleaning session of your teeth with your dentist. The dentist may also suggest you to go for deep scaling under freezing… they will clean the roots so that the plaque will not easily accumulate. It will repair on its own. The gums will heal because we have antibodies that help heal the gums.

You may have also been advised by your dentist to try other dental gadgets like interdentally brushes, floss etc to help you maintain the oral hygiene of your teeth and at the same time you save your teeth from falling out.

Receding gums are always a symptom of some kind of mouth trauma in the offing. The cure your dentist will follow will be directly related to the original cause. If the receding gum cause isn’t treated, mind you no amount of treatment is going to make any difference because it will always reoccur. The main causes of gums receding could be physical trauma, ill fitting fillings or crowns, and gum disease.

It is suggested that you should never ever ignore to include a few different nutrients in your diet or supplement to ensure you are actively preventing gum disease and receding gums. Fortunately, they are found in healthy foods and available in supplement form also if necessary. Keep your eyes and mind open to vitamin A, C, and the B complexes that your body may regularly need. Absolutely don’t forget about the importance of calcium either.

There isn’t any way to make a patient’s gums actually grow back after he has had gingival recession. However he can see a periodontitis, or a dentist specializing in receding gum treatments, and have a gum graft done. It is a surgery. Usually the dentists graft from the roof of mouth or another area and put the tissue where needed to correct recession.

Receding gums can be prevented to an extent by using a soft toothbrush, always making sure that we are putting mild-to-moderate pressure and making small circular or very short back and forth motions. Patients should also make sure that they avoid hard toothbrush bristles and long horizontal brush strokes with excessive pressure on your toothbrush.

Cure for Receding Gums

Prevention is the best cure – ditto for receding gums. Let us discuss some cures that one has to take to it he or she has followed a poor dental hygiene for most of his life that has resulted in giving rise to this situation. We will discuss cures that not only will stop your gums from damaging or receding any further but also repair and restores them. Before discussing cure for receding gums let us be clear about some facts.

“I brush twice everyday without fail. Why do I have receding gums issue in spite of it” is a common question people are trying to find an answer to. The answer lies in the fact that receding gums problem has nothing to do with how you clean your teeth – it’s all about what you use to clean your teeth. It has more to do with the toothpaste and mouthwash which contain some harmful chemicals that can dry your mouth and make it sore over time with regular usage of them. This creates a breeding ground for the harmful bacteria that find a sweet home in your mouth and one day you wake up looking for a cure for receding gums.

Depending on the cause that could vary from person to person, there are several types of treatment and cure for receding gums. A patient on noticing the receding gums symptoms should immediately make an appointment with the dentist.

In most of the cases, receding gums is caused due to overaggressive brushing. This may come as a shock for some of you. So the best and most obvious prevention is using a softer toothbrush and changing the brushing techniques. As teeth infected with receding gums become extra sensitive, the dentist may recommend an ointment that will desensitize the teeth. There are also certain medicated toothpastes that may relieve the patient of the pain.

If the case has worsened as a result of being left un-attended or patient’s casual attitude or ignorance towards dental heath and the gums are severely recessed, the dentist may advice such a patient to undergo an advanced receding gums treatment known as gum grafting or periodontal plastic surgery. It is kind of surgery. It may involve either of the two – repositioning the tissue from the adjacent gum or number two option using a graft from other part of the mouth to replace the eroded gum tissue. The treatment is done by giving the patient local anesthesia and is not painful. The above mentioned are some of the effective treatments to cure receding gums. Then there are ayurvedic treatments which are an ancient Indian medication, and many other alternate medications which can help a patient treat receding gum problem.

But like we mentioned at the start – prevention is better than cure. Follow a good dental hygiene. Encourage your children to do the same and avoid dental infections of any kind for the whole family. Vitamin supplement C and B complex are also used for the prevention of further damage of gums. People should get adequate calcium, magnesium and phosphorus for good dental health. It is advisable that everyone gets into a habit of getting a regular dental check up done in order to prevent the occurrence of other severe dental problems in future.

What Are The Types of Receding Gums Surgeries Available?

If your dental problem gets out of control and dental surgery does seem like the only available solution, don’t ever hesitate to have the receding gums surgery done. Some people choose get it done purely for cosmetic reasons. However majority of people undergo receding gum surgeries to save their teeth from gum disease, which is the most common cause of receding gums.

When topical and at home treatments don’t prove to be effective, the receding gums surgery is the best option to save your dental health.

There are three types of procedures namely, Scaling and Root Planting, Regenerative Procedure, & Soft Tissue Grafts.

Of all of the receding gums surgeries mentioned above, the first procedure, Scaling and Root Planting is considered the least invasive. The dentist first works on getting rid of all traces of gum disease and the bacteria there. By cleaning it up he creates a healthy tooth surface that encourages the gums to attach to the surface of the teeth afresh.

The dentist is able to clean the tartar, plaque, and bacteria from the deepest core. The dentist makes sure that the area from where the gums are gradually supposed to grow and cover the areas of the tooth it is smooth. Once the patient is through with it, it is important that he/she practices good dental hygiene practices and if he faces any problem related to it again, he notifies it to his dentist immediately.

The regeneration which is the second type of receding gum surgery works the same way. The biggest noticeable difference with Scaling and Root Planting is that this method not only regenerates the gums, but it also assists in healing the damaged bone loss. The gum surgeon performs this surgery by adding a topical agent that helps the body towards quick re-growth of the bone and gums.

The third receding gum surgical procedure, the soft tissue grafts, the patient has to undergo a more in depth recovery. This procedure involves taking healthy parts of the skin and grafting them in place in the damaged areas of the gums. This is done after all bacteria and viruses have been removed and cleaned. For the receding gums to heal completely, the dentist sometimes has to perform the procedure more than once. Many patients complain of discomfort and sensitivity after soft tissue grafts. But in the end the effort and pain is worth it as it saves teeth and gums. Damaged oral health isn’t a good idea for one’s overall health.

Everyone should make sure that they never reach the stage where they have surgery as the only possible option left before them. But if things do come till there, there is little to worry as there is help available. Before suggesting receding gum surgery the dentists do try to treat the disorder with medicines and minor procedures but poor dental hygiene for an extended period of time sometimes does result in a surgery.

Reverse Receding Gums? Is it Possible?

If you have receding gums, then let’s be clear about one thing — that you are probably at some stage of periodontal disease. Since gum surgeries and treatments become expensive, people suffering from gum diseases are on a look out for some simple and cost-effective steps that can help to promote healthy gums.

Some of the most common suggestions that would come from your dentist would be to brush, floss, and eat vitamins and so on. But there is unfortunately no way, treatment or method that will reverse receding gums. Again however there are things you can do minimize the damage that is being caused to the receding gums.

First, stop brushing your teeth with hard brush. That is a very common thing people do but it is recommended that soft brush be used and we should be gentle with our teeth and gums. Next, visit a dentist to know about the seriousness of the problem. The dentist after examining your teeth and gums may be able to apply a desensitizer to the tooth. Desensitizer is cheap, quick and almost painless. They have to dry the tooth to apply it, for which you have to be prepared as it can hurt.

The dentist may also find that the gum recession is due also to either not flossing or wrong flossing. So make sure you are flossing or doing it correctly whichever is applicable to you. This brings us back to – whether you can reverse the process of receding gums. You can help slow down or stop the process but not cure it. Sorry! The issue with the desensitizer is that over time it wears away so you have to get it again to keep the sensitivity level down.

Patient should not undertake self examination and medication assuming that he/she is suffering from receding gums. They should make an appointment with the dentist & check it up to see if it is gum recession or teeth worn out due to faulty brushing and then deal with it as per suggestions from the expert or qualified dentist. The only one that can really tell you whether you have gingivitis and/or receding gums is your dentist and the dental hygienist…

So… go take an appointment with your dentist to get your teeth examined and be ready for the lecture of your life. They really love it when they can talk and talk while you sit there with your mouth wide open going…. uhumm, hmm?

Receding Gums Treatment – Two Methods That Save Cost and Pain

Receding gums is a very common problem amongst adults over forty, but according to latest findings it can occur in people of all ages. Receding gums result in exposing the roots of the teeth, and loss of gum tissue. People suffering from it have to sometimes undergo extensive receding gum treatments like surgery, to rectify the problem.

People need to understand that receding gums is not just a cosmetic issue. It’s a serious medical emergency which can have very serious consequences if not treated in time.

If a person suffering from receding gums does not take action to deal with the problem he is quite likely to face periodontal disease treatment, or surgery. If steps are taken to ring it under control while there is still time it will cause the patient pain, money or even possible tooth loss.

The root cause of receding gums and other dental problems are toxin-producing bacteria that live in the crevices of your gums. Therefore it is important that your dentist tries to treat the root cause and is not after treating the symptom.

One way of treating receding gums is Oil Pulling. It is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic treatment which is not only known for its proven benefit on receding gums, but also for whitening teeth, freshening breath, reversing gum loss and stopping bleeding gums. The antibacterial properties of the oil completely revitalize oral health. It is a natural, and an absolutely simple and harmless receding gums treatment.

On an early morning, empty stomach, and preferably before every meal 2-or- 3 times a day, the person suffering from receding gums problem should keep one tablespoon of sesame or sunflower oil (if sesame is not available) in mouth and swish the oil in the mouth slowly, as if one was doing it with mouth wash. Suck the oil and sort of pull it through the teeth.

Repeat this for 10-20 minutes and make sure the oil gets thoroughly mixed with saliva. And it gives a thin liquid’s feeling in the mouth spit it and wash it down the sink at the earliest as this will be full of toxins and can be infectious. The spitting residue will look white and not yellow. If it is yellow, it means the patient has not carried out the exercise properly. If it has turned white it means the cleansing has been done properly and the benefits will show for themselves.

The patient has to make sure that he does not swallow any of the oil at any cost.

Another answer for treating receding gums disorder without any pain and much money lies in the bottle of OraMD. It is said to cure many types of oral problems including sore and receding gums that bleed when one brushes and flosses. Please find out more about and also talk to your doc before getting into self medication, especially where OraMD is concerned.

Receding Gums Causes – What Causes It and How Can It Be Treated?

Before getting into the Receding Gums Causes let us first know a little about the receding gum disease. It is a bacterial infection that destroys soft tissue and bone that anchors your teeth to the jawbones.

Most people have been taught since childhood that they should use pharmacy bought oral products. Even if they are not taught, they observe it at home and around and follow it in natural course of growing up. It’s time to dig deeper and find out if we are actually taking a risk. Well we are!

Toothpaste and mouthwash contain some harmful chemicals which cause dryness in mouth and make it sore with time with constant use of such products. This makes it a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that live in your mouth and cause receding gum problem.

The bacteria deposit a sticky layer over the tooth or crevices of your gums if in due course if left unattended hardens and becomes plaque. When we visit our dentists they do remove it but it also accumulates below the teeth right under the gums – which can’t always be visible to a naked eye. And neither can any of the commercial products like toothbrush etc can reach them there. When this process of accumulation of plaque in the gum continues for an extended period of time causes your gums to shrink and results into receding gums.

Like already mentioned receding gums are mostly caused by the micro-organisms that live in the mouth. They excrete foul-smelling sulfurous deposits that results in bad breath. Our body normally replenishes receding gum line with new cells and naturally heals them, but patients still complain of receding gums if the toxins are eating your gums faster than your body can replace them.

Apart from the above, anything starting from stress to poor nutrition to one’s body’s natural hormonal changes – everything can affect the health of one’s gums. Healthy gums are a must for healthy teeth.

Next in line is smoking. Smokers have more plaque buildup than people who don’t smoke. Not only does smoking increase the chance of a person developing gum infection, it makes the treatment much more difficult and chances of success reduce a great deal. The chemicals contained in tobacco come in the way of blood that flows into the gums, leading to a slowdown in the healing process and the treatment often gives unfavorable results.

There may be many more causes that could lead to receding gums or other related problems. And any age is a dangerous age so it is better to follow `prevention is better than cure’ rule and steer clear of the complication, expense and pain. A good wish extended your way that hopes you never have to suffer the inconveniences related to receding gums infection.

Can Receding Gums Problem be Overcome?

Receding gums problem can be overcome. If you wake up in time and of course brush before going to bed. Jokes apart, we should follow proper dental hygiene to avoid any kind of oral infection and health issue. Receding gums problem is one such issue but sometimes we have little control over it.

But if are diagnosed with receding gums problem taking action and going for treatment is essential to avoid serious dental diseases in future. Through this article we will share some important facts with our readers on receding gums’ causes, symptoms and treatment.

First things first. Patients are mostly aware that there are no visible signs of periodontitis and the patient suffer from it come to know about it after quite some time has passed. Sometimes there are no symptoms whatsoever. Another thing is – contrary to what some people have been told, receding gums problem is not caused by patient neglect. It is in most cases because of lack of thick, tough tissue called Attached Gingiva bordering where gums meet teeth. There have been cases when receding gums problem has been caused because of brushing too hard.

Receding gums is a disease of the gums that causes erosion of the gum tissue which results in the exposure of the roots of the tooth. It is considered as an indicator of some serious periodontal disease. Sometimes, it is confused as a sign of aging, and is therefore ignored. But it should be known that receding gums can be a symptom of other severe dental as well as non-dental disorders. One should not get worried as there is an effective receding gums treatment available that helps in overcoming the disorder.

The treatments for receding gums problem varies on many factors including the amount of recession, the type, the cause and also the expected outcome of the treatment. There are certain Surgery procedures available that can help by creating thick tissue which will stop further recession but in some cases these procedures may not be able to cover existing recession. The plastic surgery procedures include: a. The Free Graft b. The Lateral Graft and c. The Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Graft.

Prevention is better than cure. And we should do everything that is within our reach and control to avoid the situation of receding gums. One can go for flavored floss so one is more likely to use it. The patient should also remember that if receding gums cause you severe pain, see your dentist as soon as you can. A patient should know that as he starts to floss his gums may bleed the first few times, but the bleeding should go away within a few days of flossing regularly. If it continues you must report this to your dentist without wasting much time.